Welcome to the World of BarbRad (AKA Barb Radisavljevic)

Welcome to the World of BarbRad
That little converted barn house surrounded by neighboring vineyards is where we spent 21 happy years in Templeton.

I Have Many Names and Writing Homes

The featured image above shows our little converted barn house we lived in for 28 years. We loved living surrounded by other people’s vineyards. We had the pleasure of looking at them without having to care for them. In that little house I began to write under the name BarbRad. It’s a name my son used to call me sometimes. Jason has now been gone for 23 years and is enjoying his heavenly home, but I still use the name he gave me. Click the photo to learn more about Jason and how he died.

Jason Panning for Gold in Sacramento
My son Jason Panning for Gold in Sacramento. Click the photo to see the article” Jason I’ll Always Love You.” © B. Radisavljevic

Health issues made us move to a one-story house in a Paso Robles tract near the Salinas River in 2014. We are letting someone else use our home in Templeton now. Living near the river and the connected park still keeps me close to nature and trails where I can take the photo walks I love.  Click the photo below to find out more about my experience with this river I love: The Salinas River in Paso Robles: Now You See See It

The Salinas River in Paso Robles
The Salinas River Running Through Paso Robles. Click the photo to read “The Salinas River, Now You See It.”

A Work in Progress to Bring my World Together 

I hope to bring my writing life together here. Other sites where I write and blog come and go, since I write on many sites I don’t own. This site will serve as a map of sorts. I will keep my writing homes and social media sites updated here — all in one place — so anyone who wants to can find me easily. I write about what I love, what I think, how I live, what I eat, what I believe, and my beautiful corner of the state of California. This site will categorize them into one unified picture of my world. In various places I’m known as BarbRad, barbsbooks, bagarad, WannaB Writer, barbradis, and by my real name, Barbara Radisavljevic.

This new page is still under construction. Like the medical building below that I’ve watched for months as it was built, it will take time to get it all here. It will never be finished because I don’t stop writing. I hope you will come along for the parts of my journey that interest you. 

I will try to link to some of my favorite posts by theme, and if you visit them, you may also want to explore other posts on the sites that host them. My social media accounts also link to new posts as I write them.  Below this photo  are the links to my social media profiles and my Facebook Pages. They are good places to start exploring my world. 

Welcome to the World of BarbRad
Construction of New Medical Building in Templeton to Replace One That Burned Down,
© B. Radisavljevic

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