Welcome to the World of BarbRad (AKA Barb Radisavljevic)

Welcome to the World of BarbRad
That little converted barn house surrounded by neighboring vineyards is where we spent 21 happy years in Templeton.

I Have Many Names and Writing Homes

The featured image above shows our little converted barn house we lived in for 28 years. We loved living surrounded by other people’s vineyards. We had the pleasure of looking at them without having to care for them. In that little house I began to write under the name BarbRad. It’s a name my son used to call me sometimes. Jason has now been gone for 23 years and is enjoying his heavenly home, but I still use the name he gave me. Click the photo to learn more about Jason and how he died.

Jason Panning for Gold in Sacramento
My son Jason Panning for Gold in Sacramento. Click the photo to see the article” Jason I’ll Always Love You.” © B. Radisavljevic

Health issues made us move to a one-story house in a Paso Robles tract near the Salinas River in 2014. We are letting someone else use our home in Templeton now. Living near the river and the connected park still keeps me close to nature and trails where I can take the photo walks I love.  Click the photo below to find out more about my experience with this river I love: The Salinas River in Paso Robles: Now You See See It

The Salinas River in Paso Robles
The Salinas River Running Through Paso Robles. Click the photo to read “The Salinas River, Now You See It.”

A Work in Progress to Bring my World Together 

I hope to bring my writing life together here. Other sites where I write and blog come and go since I write on many sites I don’t own. This site will serve as a map of sorts. I will keep my writing homes and social media sites updated here–all in one place–so anyone who wants to can find me easily. I write about what I love, what I think, how I live, what I eat, what I believe, and my beautiful corner of the state of California. This site will categorize them into one unified picture of my world. In various places I’m known as BarbRad, barbsbooks, bagarad, WannaB Writer, barbradis, and by my real name, Barbara Radisavljevic.

Currently Medium is my primary writing home. I chose it because it allows me to publish on any topic instead of confining me to one niche. You can find my writing at Medium here on my profile that lists my stories chronologically backwards. An easier way to mine my stories for ones of special interest to you is to check out my lists. Each list has stories related to one particular topic. So whether you are interested in animals, Christian life, nature, book reviews, gardening, social media, family life, nostalgia, or some other topic, it will be easy to find what I’ve written about it.

Medium is a subscription site. Non-subscribing readers are allowed to read three free articles from behind the paywall per month. Sometimes I post friend links on social media or in a blog post that enable those who click them to read the story for free without counting as one of the three free stories for the month.

Medium subscribing members have unlimited reading for only $5 a month or $50 a year. It gives you the writing of thousands of writers on every imaginable topic. Some, like Barack Obama, are well-known. Some are authorities in health-related subjects. Others publish poetry and fiction or writing advice. I like to read humor, true crime, inspirational stories and photo essays written by others in Medium publications I write for. I also read a lot of nonfiction on history, health, the brain, and writing advice. Best of all are the personal stories my favorite writers share about their life experiences. Members can sign up to receive a free daily digest of new stories tailored to their interests so that it will be easy to find stories that interest them.

If you join Medium with my referral link, part of your subscription fee will support my work. Also, when you read articles as a member, you will be helping whichever authors you read to earn a bit of your fee. Medium writers earn what little they do from the reading time members devote to reading what they write. This is why members don’t see ads on Medium, and so far, no one else does, either.  

This page will change to reflect the changes in my writing, social media, and any other part of my online life. So parts of it will always be under construction.


Welcome to the World of BarbRad
Construction of New Medical Building in Templeton to Replace One That Burned Down,
© B. Radisavljevic

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Find out more about myLot here: Why myLot is my Favorite Social Network

My Social Media Profiles

I’m currently rethinking social media. I’m not sure it’s the best use of my time. I’m thinking of ditching Instagram. I’ve no desire to be an influencer. I can connect with the people I actually know in other places. i have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, and I hardly ever visit LinkedIn. I have joined many new sites hardly anyone has heard of just to explore them and have profiles in place if I ever do leave Facebook. So far none of these small sites is diverse enough to allow the sort of networking I like to do. 

I see social media sites as just that–social. I’m not primarily interested in mostly political discussions. Most of the new sites were born because of censorship on the predominant sites and their members are refugees from those sites. The movers and shakers have a new place to reach their audiences. So far it seems ordinary people like me have almost no way to be found by other ordinary people who want to talk about something other than politics. MeWe is an exception to this. 

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