Medium Partner Program: My Latest Writing Venture

A Beginning on Medium

In 2016 I started posting a few articles on Medium — mostly articles I had removed from other sites when they went out of business or stopped paying their writers. After I imported those articles I mostly neglected Medium until a friend told me there was now a way bloggers could earn money there. The catch is that as with  many ventures, it takes money to make money. There’s a small investment. I decided to give it a whirl, and I’m glad I did. I recently posted my results and all the information necessary help you to decide whether to join.  Click  to find my Review of the Medium Partner Program on Review This Reviews


My Most Popular Medium Articles from February Through April, 2019

Most of my work is behind Medium’s paywall and is normally only available to subscribers (Medium members) to read. However you can use these friend links to read some of my best for free. These posts, put behind the paywall in my first three months as a Medium Partner Program member, have made me the most money so far. At Medium I’m known as @barbsbooks

In the table below, I’ve links to the posts that have performed best for me in my first three months since I’ve been posting again. The first column has the titles of my posts with a friend link attached. The second column shows the subject headings the posts were curated under, if any. Not every post gets curated, but those that do get wider distribution than those that don’t. The last column shows the Medium publication that accepted the post with the link to that publication attached. I cannot get friend links for publications, since they contain the work of many authors. 





Jason, I’ll Always Love You


P.S. I Love You

Does the Resurrection of Jesus Offer You Hope?



How Social Media Has Sabotaged Deep Communication

Social Media


Starved for Attention



The Honeymoon That Wasn’t


P.S. I Love You

The Last Goodbye


P.S. I Love You

Medium Partner Program: My Latest Writing Venture
Photos from some of my best articles on Medium


You can see that many of my best stories have been about my family. Writing them has helped me remember both the joys my children brought me and also the times God brought me through the hard places in life. 




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  1. Thanks for the report. I love learning ways to make more money through freelancing. Developing your own sites is great, but other sites like this are a helpful adjunct.


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