My Top Ten Medium Posts: February – June

My Top Ten Medium Posts Since Joining the Medium Partner Program in 2019

These Medium Posts Performed Best Since I Joined the Partner Program

Life interfered with writing in May and June, and I did not get a lot of new Medium posts written. During this time I still earned a bit of money, so it wasn’t as bad as I was afraid it would be. I published on the average about two new posts a week. When I look at all posts from the time I joined the partner program, from February until the end of June, I had 36 active posts, thirteen of which were added in May and June. Only two of the 36 have failed to earn money yet. One of those was a rant I probably should not have published: Don’t Manipulate Me Facebook! I Hate It! Stop! I will probably unpublish it, revise and re title it, and republish to see if that will improve views.

The Top Ten Medium Posts from February to June

Title Publication Date Cumulative Earnings
Jason I’ll Always Love You 2/21/19 16.43
Does the Resurrection of Jesus Offer You Hope 4/20/19 12.61
How Social Media Has Sabotaged Deep Communication 4/28/19


Help Me! Hide My Kindle and My Novels! 6/2/19 5.77
Do You Want Me To Share Your Post? 5/14/19 5.64
Starved for Attention 2/19/29 4.67
The Honeymoon That Wasn’t 4/14/19 3.76
What a Glorious Gift Is The Sky 5/20/19 3.36
A Last Goodbye 2/28/19 2.57
Why Worship an Imitation of the Creator? 5/28/19 2.29
All the top posts at the end of April are still near the top at the end of June. The three that have stayed consistently at the very top are the three curated posts. I published What You Decide Now Will Affect History on June 25. Curators put it in the Spirituality topic. In the first fourteen days it earned $.78. 

Trying to Find a Focus on Medium

So far on Medium I’ve concentrated on Christian writing. One third of my Medium posts are in the Koinonia Publication. This month I started writing for two more publications, One Minute Reads (wants posts ideally  under 200 words) and Thirty Over Fifty, which is for writers over fifty years of age. I don’t like to confine myself to just one main topic. Thirty Over Fifty expands my writing topics to recreation, travel, and food.  I’m also happy to have  a home for short thoughts at One Minute Reads. I’m still looking for a reliable publication for photo essays on nature and gardening. I’m hoping I don’t have to start one because that’s a lot of work. 
Curators have chosen to distribute from my posts articles that take 6, 8, 9, or 16 minutes to read. So far I don’t have enough curated articles to note a real trend as to length. When curators distribute medium posts in topics, those articles bring me a lot more traffic than uncurated articles. That helps me earn more. Nevertheless, I will experiment with the short one-minute reads when I don’t have time for anything else, and I’ll see how they do. The publication wants at least one a month. I’ll also try to write at least one post seven or more minutes long at least every two weeks. 

My Goals

I hope to start selling books again by the end of this month so I can liquidate more inventory. If I’m listing, processing orders, and shipping, I will have less time for writing and promotion, but that’s life. I still am aiming for a consistent $25 – $50 a month in Medium earnings by the end of September. It will be hard to keep up my biweekly posts on Review This! once I start selling and still publish even once a week on Medium. If I write any other blog posts on my own sites, they will need to do double duty for Medium. I just figured out a way to do that. I’ll have to manage my time better to get everything important done and cut down on anything that wastes time. 


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